What causes schizophrenia?  Modern researchers favor strictly biological explanations.  All that retro psychodynamic crap about twisted family dynamics is no more popular on today´s college campus than bell bottoms or tie dye shirts.  Too bad.  I´ll take R.D. Laing over  biochemistry any day.  Still, even hopelessly empirical lab nerds acknowledge the unfavorable influence homicidal family members might have on gene expression.  When Jose was nine his stepdad ran after his mom with a machete. Makes you wonder.

My own father´s wife-battering style featured greater subtlety and nuance.  More Jewish intellectual mindfuck, less Rambo.  Except for that one day when he wanted to hit mom but punched a hole in the pantry door instead.  We taped a Christmas card over the splintered opening and moved on: happy holidays!  I´m telling you this so you´ll think I´m special, a uniquely fragile and vulnerable flower, but, quite honestly, it´s not such a hard story to beat. Got trauma?  Chances are you do.  So many strangers on the street casually walking through life with flying sleighs and jingling bells covering their wounded hearts.




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