I´m about to visit Tijuana, a city besieged by a seedy reputation.  What is Tijuana?

(1) A narcotrafficer infested metropolis.

(2) A huge teeming pleasure palace for vice-seeking border-hopping gringos.

(3) The nexus of dashed hopes and soul-crushing despair for thousands of would-be illegal immigrants.

Buzzzz!  Trick question.  These days Tijuana is seafood central for discriminating foodies with a fondness for octopus and sea urchin tacos, and the gateway to the spectacular Northern Baja winecountry.

That said, it would be ashame to limit one´s bordertown explorations to high-brow dining and tostada trolling.  Why not take in a temporary exhibition of contemporary Mexican paintings at the Tijuana Cultural Center, thrill to a free performance of Opera in the Street, or, better yet, get down on your knees in a tiny plywood booth and enjoy some of Mexico´s best uncut?

Ok, so yeah, about that seedy reputation.  Not entirely undeserved.  Other habits to indulge include tequila guzzling, coke snorting, and senorita groping.  Or just stick to those art galleries. Your choice.

Personally, traveling makes me hungry and horny in equal measure — and I´ve got a taste for both octopus and young male bodies.  Still, I´m going to try and  keep it clean.  Tentacles over testicles.



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